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Fire Tested


The Technology

Our biggest priority at the Emergency Services Boot Repair Company is ensuring the safety of those who use our repaired boots. We take it seriously and we needed to ensure that our repaired boots meet all the EN standards of the original boots.

The newly developed flame and heat resistant Vibram unit was sourced from Italy along with a new two part anti-static, flame and heat resistant adhesive from Germany. Our craftsmen worked on a variety of fire boots to perfect the sole unit replacement technique.


The Test


For testing an old filing cabinet was cleared out, laid on its back and then filled with coal. This was set alight and the temperature recorded at over 400 degrees celsius.

Director, Chris Wilson then put on one repaired Haix boot and one repaired Jolly boot and walked on the flaming coals in the cabinet. He stayed in there constantly for 40 minutes.

Content that the boot repairs were fit for purpose. The Boot Repair Company has joined SATRA and had its fire boot repair - new unit replacement with heat and flame proof Vibram unit - tested by the SATRA experts in line with EN ISO 20345

The boots passed & are fully compliant.

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  1. Vibram units showed no signs of breaking down.
  2. Adhesive showed no signs of breaking down.
  3. Heat insulation was preserved, the sole of the feet never overheated.
  4. The repaired units remained intact.


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